Once the foreclosure clock begins ticking, the worst thing you can do is nothing at all.

If you choose inaction, you will lose your home, and suffer a black mark on your credit report, making it difficult to even rent. By doing nothing, you are guaranteed to make a bad situation worse.
Fortunately, there are viable ways to delay, and potentially prevent, the bank from taking your home. If all else fails, we can minimize the negative impacts of foreclosure and ensure a smooth transition.
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In troubling times, we fight the bank battle for you.

Please don’t ignore the problem or be embarrassed about it – you’re NOT alone and bad things happen to good people.

You’ve paid your dues and worked hard to make your home your own. Sometimes, though, life takes a turn and makes everyday more difficult.
Should that happen, Loan Fighters will provide you, as a homeowner, some time to regroup and explore the options to get from underneath your unaffordable mortgage.
We have the expertise and experience to help save your credit, relieve the uncertainty, and comfort your family. Our goal, first and foremost, is to pause the foreclosure process. Take a time-out.
In the wake of foreclosure, there is unbearable stress and heartache. People unable to keep their homes, children displaced from their schools and friends. Even families quite literally being removed from their home by the Sheriff, not knowing where to go next.
The harsh reality of foreclosure need not be YOUR reality. All it requires is the ability to take action and seek the help of compassionate real estate professionals that will go to bat for you and ensure a smooth transition to alleviate the stress and get started on the path to normalcy.


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Loan Fighters have helped many homeowners facing financial hardships by understanding their individual circumstances and how to navigate foreclosure alternatives.
Here are a couple of their stories in their pathway to recovery.
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Loan Fighter is a network of compassionate real estate professionals that provide solutions to problems with real estate loans. Our anti-foreclosure specialists believe that no homeowner should be left to fend for themselves alone against an aggressive collector or deal with the horrific foreclosure process currently in place by mortgage banks.
A foreclosure notice doesn't mean you will automatically lose your home. At Loan Fighter, we help homeowners explore the many viable ways to delay, and potentially prevent, the bank from taking your home.
If you are unable to keep your home, Loan Fighter will assist you in a transition plan that lessons the negative impacts of foreclosure. We can help in all aspects of your transition to give you a soft place to land, restore your credit, and put you on the path to becoming a homeowner again.
Myself in the medical industry, I suffered a broken foot injury and needed surgery, which meant I could not get around on crutches. I entered into a loan modification, but it was difficult to pay the high interest rate because I was out of work for a long time. I called upon LaRon Hodges at Loan Fighter and he was able to negotiate a better term with the bank. He was one of the most caring and professional people I have dealt with and keep in mind, I work with doctors on a daily basis. I recommend them without reservation to any homeowner that is experiencing a cash flow problem.

~ Donna Coberly